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‘Your meditation is absolutely wonderful. I love the way you use the technique of allowing everything you do or that happens to be a signal for relaxation. It is a hypnotherapy anchoring technique that I know well, but I have never known it used so effectively.’

Meditation and Self-enquiry

An opportunity to rest in stillness, deepen your connection to your own Source and access your own inner wisdom. These sessions are ideal if you are looking for a mini process or perhaps gain a deeper perspective on a current issue, or just longing to deepen your meditation experience.

Either taken as a single session or a series on a weekly or fortnightly basis can bring profound insights as well and support and encouragement over a longer period of time.

Sessions are held in Ewell in Surrey, and each one lasts approximately 1 hour.

One session £75
Three sessions £215
Five sessions £350

Telephone Self-enquiry

Ideal for self-enquiry on a current issue or an emotional response to a challenge in your life. Together we can explore the deeper meaning without the need to meet in person.

£30 per half hour, or a monthly programme of four 30 minute sessions for £100.

To discuss either of the above, please call me for an initial discussion on 07949 095107, or send me a message.


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