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‘The day fully met my expectations… and I was not expecting the deepest connection I feel to Grace now.’
Mrs Y

earl talbot

Earl Talbot is the founder of Creative Muscle and principle facilitator

Vision Retreat 2017

A weekend of deep rest, stillness & connection to your Soul’s guidance for the next year

With Marion Young and Earl Talbot

Rest, Reflect and Energise Your New Vision

Manifesting from the Source of your being is way more powerful than can ever be achieved through the surface of your mind. Using a combination of easy meditation techniques and a quiet reflective environment, you will be able to find much deeper clarity and purpose to your vision process.

Earl Talbot is the founder of Creative Muscle and principle facilitator. For the past decade Earl has been focusing his experience as a sales professional and skills in NLP, EFT and Trance-work for facilitating personal empowerment and Transformation with intent for individuals and groups.

Marion Young has been facilitating self development groups for over 25 years, specialising in bringing meditation & stillness into everyday life. Marion is a Senior Accredited Journey Therapist, and is passionate about creating sacred spaces in which to connect with the Source of our personal wisdom.

When: 11th and 12th March 2017

Where: St Michael’s Sanctuary, Ewell, SURREY – there are only 10 places to ensure maximum comfort

Cost: The price is £175 if booked by end of February.

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Call Earl on 07720 299 920 or email
Or call Marion on 07949 095 107 or email



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