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‘Perfect… wonderfully opening. The perfect homecoming to wonderful me.’

1-1 Mentoring

Real and lasting change takes time and commitment, and regular support and encouragement makes all the difference. I have always had mentors and always will. My 1 – 1 mentoring programmes, which draw upon decades of experience, are designed to help you stay focused and committed on your spiritual journey.

My programmes consist of 1 or 2 hour long telephone or Skype sessions per month, for 10 months, with mid-session reviews and email support.

In the words of one of the participants in this programme:

“Marion showed me how a small amount of inspired action, done consistently, can reap fantastic rewards.”

Each session includes a meditation, self-enquiry and mini-processes, as well as a focused action plan for the next month.

Option 1

One 1 hour call, plus email review and support, every month.

£100 pcm (or 10% discount if paid in advance)

Option 2

Two x 1 hour calls per month, plus email review and support.

£ 180 pcm (or 10% discount if paid in advance)


“I always love my sessions with Marion, she is so creative and has so many techniques.”

“Marion to say your work has changed my life, would be an understatement.”

“I want to acknowledge and thank you for an extraordinarily powerful and life changing experience. I have been on a lot of programmes and nothing has had as much impact on me as this one.”

For more information about 1-1 mentoring, please call me on 07949 095107 or send me a message.


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