Fron Darkness to Light

‘In the sacred and secure space Marion creates I have been able to explore many of my insecurities and fears, knowing she will always be there to assist and support with love and Grace’

1-1 Journey Processes

Since qualifying with Brandon Bays in 1999, I have facilitated thousands of Journey Processes both in person, on Skype and at Journey events. I am also the Journey’s European Assessor, assessing the case studies that all trainee Journey Practitioners undertake as part of their qualification.

All my Journey sessions offer you the opportunity to rest deeply in the presence of your own stillness and body wisdom. Here, old issues that have been stored in the body can naturally and effortlessly rise to the surface, bringing understanding and compassion as well as forgiveness and peace. Current challenges can be understood from a deeper perspective and your body and Soul are nourished in the healing energy generated by deep meditation.

You will benefit from over 28 years of therapeutic experience, as well as my Journey Therapy training and a whole range of transformational cutting edge healing tools.

My main practice is at St. Micheal’s Sanctuary, Ewell Village in Surrey. Journey sessions are also available on Skype, and some face-to-face appointments are also available in Harley Street in Central London.

Brandon Bays and The Journey

I wonder how your life would have been had you been taught from childhood that all your emotions were a natural and healthy response to life.

The Journey process, pioneered by Brandon Bays, explains the power of our emotions, and how if we are willing to feel them fully, even briefly, they carry us into a deep and profound peace.

The Journey is cutting edge transformational work, offering a powerful range of unique self healing tools that are used world wide and in over 20 languages.

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Choosing your sessions

As a senior Journey Practitioner I bring all my experience and expertise to your Journey Processes. If you are new to this work, then I will invite you to book a minimum of three sessions to begin with (single sessions are only for existing clients or Journey grads).

It can take many years to build up layers of suppressed emotions and cellular memories, and I have found that making a commitment in this way profoundly deepens the whole experience. A single process is available as a follow on session after you have completed a programme with either The Journey or myself.

Journey Processes can be powerful and life changing in equal measure, and taking time to rest and reflect after each session is highly recommended. I encourage you to see this time as very precious, an opportunity to deepen your spiritual awareness and connection with Grace, as well as to make peace with and move on from any old issues that are holding you back.

The sessions are intense and cover a lot of ground in a relatively short period of time. I will be supporting you during this time with follow-up calls between your sessions.

Each appointment is approximately 3 hours.


  • Three x 3 hour appointments plus follow up telephone sessions, e-mail support and resources is £ 1,200.
  • Five x 3 hour appointments plus follow up telephone sessions, e-mail support, meditation CD is £ 1,800
  • I also offer a one year bespoke intensive mentoring programme, please call me on 07949 095 107 for more information.

NB Reduced rates are available for participants of my groups, workshops and retreats and these sessions are held at St Michael’s Sanctuary in Ewell Village in Surrey.

To find out more about Journey Therapy

If you would like to know more about the profound nature of Journey process work with a Senior Journey Practitioner, please call me on 07949 095107, or send me a message.

I very much look forward to our sessions and sharing this powerful work with you.


These sessions are not intended to replace medical treatment, and no medical advice or diagnosis will be given. Always seek the advice of a qualified medical doctor if you are concerned about your physical, mental or emotional health.

Please also see the full Terms and Conditions.



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