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‘Marion is amazing, so calm and centred, which has in turn helped me to stay centred and trusting in the whole process’
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Client stories

Perhaps the best way of describing how these tools and resources impact our lives is by reading about others’ experiences. They are an inspiration to me and may I never cease to be awed by the strength and the beauty of the human spirit.

There is always hope, the possibility of healing is always present, and the outpouring of love and friendship that occurs from the willingness to be free is a constant blessing in my life.

All of the stories and statements of those who have written here have worked with me on a one to one basis or participated in my groups and courses. But, this work has only been part of their story.

One part of the whole

Our lives are a blend of many teachers and years of personal work and investigation through many different avenues. Everything you have done, read and experienced contributes to the whole.

I am here to acknowledge and honour each chosen path, and to offer a place to rest and let go a little more, as you travel along the way.

To all my clients, participants, teachers, family and friends, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

‘I would love to share my story:

I had the blessing of meeting Marion at a Journey Abundance seminar. I was and have been going through a long and difficult divorce which I am pleased to say is nearly over.

With the wonderful sessions I have had with Marion I have found forgiveness for my ex and for myself. In the sacred and secure space she creates I have been able to explore many of my insecurities and fears knowing she will always be there to assist and support with love and Grace.’

Client name withheld

Gordon Jessiman ~ Facilities Director

‘When I first came across The Journey by Brendan Bays it literally landed on my lap whilst I was in a waiting room, a friend of my wife’s passed it to me and said ‘whilst your waiting, have a look at this book’. After reading the first 3 or 4 pages I realized that this book was exactly what I needed in that moment. I then asked if I could keep the book to finish reading it. Two days later I had finished it and I went in search of a Journey practitioner. I came across Marion after doing one Journey therapy session with another practitioner.

My first session with Marion took me to a deep place within, which I hadn’t experienced before with any other therapist that I had worked with, which included Psychotherapy and general healers. I felt extremely safe to release a lot of unexpressed emotions. So after my first session I realised how powerful Journey work was for my personal growth and how safe I felt. It wasn’t long before I realised that things had started to change within me, so I decided to go back for another two profound experiences.

My life has certainly shifted for the better and I’m eternally grateful for crossing paths with Marion.’

Doris Sew Hoy ~ Strengths Coach and Career Counselor

“Marion is an especially gifted facilitator and therapist, with extensive practical experience and extremely well versed in both spirituality and science.  She has an amazingly compassionate way of working, with an instinctive ability which allows you to feel safe and supported.  I have certainly learned a tremendous amount about myself, and am able to apply my learning professionally as a coach and a facilitator.  If you are ready to go deeper in your own journey of self-enquiry and discovery, then I can highly recommend Marion without hesitation.”

Client R

‘Marion, the session really has changed me, I got the feeling during the end of my session that my body expanded and took in every single thing in the universe, embracing all things, darkness and light, fear and love, and just stopped right there and I felt this is it, I’m already here.

Whatever my mind resists will build up energy, so acceptance is really freeing everything up and allowing it to flow. Beautiful feeling. Thank you so much for a really deep and powerful session.’

Ann Davies ~ Therapist and Author of ‘Sunshine for your Soul’

‘When I first met Marion several years ago, my life was pretty stressful. I had three young children, a husband, a large house and garden to look after, plus I was running my own complimentary therapy business from home. I had not found the transition from being a professional to a mother of three very easy, and consequently developed chronic fatigue, IBS and post-natal depression. I spent a lot of my time screaming at the children or in floods of tears, alienating my family when I needed them the most.

I then started attending Marion’s meditation class on a regular basis and gradually learnt to take control of my life again. I found I was able to go into a very still, calm place with Marion’s expert guidance, and from this stillness often there was a release of emotion.

I always felt very safe and supported in her groups, and I later attended her self-enquiry course which encouraged everyone to look deeper at their behaviour and emotions. All of these were extremely valuable to me in my growth, and now I feel so strong and joyful a lot of the time, I have progressed with my business, written a book and have learnt the skill of manifesting what I want. I have a much happier family life and all in all enjoy life to the full.

Marion is a wonderful person, very experienced and talented therapist who combines her passion for her work with love and laughter and compassion. She’s magic and so is meditation!’

V A Gueye – Teacher

‘I felt as though I had stepped into a professional friendship and welcomed into a beautiful space to help me grow’

Marilyn Humphries

‘My name is Marilyn and I am 55 years old and I am writing about my Breast Cancer experience.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2007. The lump was 2cm in size. I was told by the Royal Marsden that I was to have the operation sooner rather than later. After I had received my diagnosis I was stunned and shocked but something was telling me deep inside to stop and think before making any decisions. This is where my story begins on the pathway to WELLNESS.

I explained to the Consultant that I wanted time to think things through. I went to a healer and I was advised to read the book ‘The Journey’ by Brandon Bays. I ordered it immediately. When the book arrived I could not put it down.

Once I read the book I went onto the internet and found a Journey Practitioner who lives in my area of Surrey. Her name is Marion Howells and I confirm that I have not looked back since, with the help of Marion and a very special lady whom Marion introduced to me, her name is Barbara.

Barbara has been there for me during the various stages I have gone through. She has guided me, given me Journey Processing, reflexology, and whenever I needed support she was there and still is there supporting me. I cannot express that without their help and support and guidance I would not be where I am today. I also attend Marion’s meditation classes, manifestation classes and Secret Evening courses.

I also won a Journey course for Breast Cancer Wellness out in Denver, Colorado just last month, where I was able to share with them my experiences also. Claire Timmerman took the course and she was just amazing too. The whole team were just wonderful, supporting us during the course which was solely on Breast Cancer Wellness.

Since my first diagnosis in August 2007 my lump has decreased in size from 2cm down to 1cm and it is still shrinking. My last visit to the Royal Marsden (NHS) for an ultrasound was only last week (May 2009) and all is good news!! I actually saw my ultrasound results on the screen and the radiographer was fascinated by what I was doing and between us we looked at the previous ultrasound and the present day ultrasound, and part of it is very fuzzy which is good news which means I am energising it and it looks like it is decreasing in size again.

My Consultant was fascinated also at what I have been doing and was very excited with my results. Everything was very positive and I was told to continue on as before. I am sensible obviously and I am working with the Royal Marsden and my Doctor but the results are so good I do not need to return for another ultrasound until September of this year.

The reason for my writing this is to explain that there are alternatives out there, although it may not work on everyone… it certainly has done wonders for me!!’

Client T

‘I want to thank you for a most perfect treatment!!! I am going around with a silly smile on my face… you said & did the right thing during the whole thing. I felt truly in the most beautiful space surrounded by unconditional love & support.’

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