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"Full marks to you and Martin. You both delivered the day with compassion and authenticity."

2018 Vision Day Retreat Participant

Online Vision Day Retreat 2020

with Marion and Martin ~ Saturday 11th January 2020

Experience our annual Vision Day Retreat in the comfort of your own home.

Step off the world for a while to rest, reflect and create a new vision for 2020 and beyond.

Every January for the last 12 years Martin and I have run a one-day Vision Retreat in Ewell. We love the results we get, and so do our participants, many of whom come back in following years for more.

This year, for the first time, we are offering an online version of the Vision Day Retreat, so you can take part wherever you are!

Rest, Reflect, Energise and Create a New Vision for the Coming Year and Decade

You’ll spend the morning going quietly within, resting in the deep stillness, reflecting and taking stock on where you are now, and where you want to be in the future.

In the afternoon you’ll start to energise a new vision, through words and images (everyone loves the cutting and sticking part as they make their vision board) before finishing with a practical action plan and a commitment to the practical actions needed to bring about the change you want to take place.

In this carefully crafted one-day event (we have been refining the process each year for over a decade now), we will guide you through these steps:

  • Looking back with gratitude and appreciation
  • Reviewing with the life balance wheel
  • Releasing and moving on
  • Clearing out on the physical, emotion, mental and spiritual levels
  • The importance of keeping conscious company
  • Discovering what makes your heart sing
  • Finding ‘The Void’ – the place of infinite possibility
  • Crafting a new vision
  • Conscious resting & opening to receive
  • Deciding how you want your life to be; creating a compelling vision in words and pictures
  • Honing your vision and creating a practical action plan
  • Making a commitment to yourself

How the online Vision Day Retreat will work

When you register, you can choose the option to download the Vision Day workbook or receive a printed & bound copy in the post, together with a list of everything you need to prepare for your own Vision Day Retreat at home.

We will start at 9.30am GMT with an opening live online webinar session, including meditation and instructions on how to use the workbook. After that you’ll use the workbook to guide you through the process of introspection in your own time, before coming back online at 12 noon for the next live online session which will last about an hour. At that time we’ll also be able to answer any questions you have.

We’ll then take a break for lunch and start the afternoon with a live online session at 2pm with a Conscious Resting meditation, and then begin creating and energising your new vision for 2020, including making a ‘Vision Board’ (we’ve found these to be very simple but surprisingly effective, especially when made while in a meditative space).

We will then connect again for a final live session when I will go through a practical action plan, completing our day at around 5.30 pm.

All 4 online sessions will be recorded, so you’ll be able to listen again any time you like.


Saturday 11th January – 9.30 to 5.30


£45 if you choose the downloadable PDF workbook
£65 (including P&P) if you choose the printed and bound workbook (UK mainland addresses only)

What people have said about past Vision Day Retreats

“You have always said it works and it does!
After my manifestation retreat with you and Martin everything changed. My prayers got answered!”

“Marion & Martin created an incredibly powerful and sacred space to support everyone in being able to spend the day in their own time and at their own pace.”

“This was my second Vision Day and was an absolute must after the impact that the first Vision Day had on my whole life. The Vision Day was one of the most powerful days I have ever spent doing anything.”

“So much of what was on my vision board from manifested during the year, even though it had lived unseen in the wardrobe for many months. This year I was fully prepared to manifest even more, I can add to it whenever I want and it will be a constant reminder of what I intend to create and manifest for myself this year.”

“I would recommend the Vision Day without reservation as an incredibly powerful way in which to clear out unwanted things, emotions and limiting beliefs, and then to set your sights on all kinds of people, places and outcomes that you want to fill your life. It works.”

“Thank so much for the Vision Retreat. I enjoyed it very much and found it very useful. Attending the day helped me to review my life and explore the way forward. I have already started to work towards some of the areas. For example, this morning my ideas were just flowing effortlessly! Your commitment to make a contribution to all participants was very clear.”

Book your place on this Online Vision Retreat

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