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"Marion, to say your work has changed my life would be an understatement."


Journey Deep Within – Preparing for Winter 7 Week Meditation Course

A 7 week experience on Tuesday evenings 2nd November – 14th December 2021 7.30 – 9 pm

with Marion Young

As nature turns within, there is an invitation to do the same with a series of sacred meditative evenings to help you embrace the winter evenings.

The emphasis will be on simplicity and quiet, with gentle guidance and encouragement to turn to face the dark and to find the light within.

By meeting every week, my hope is that you will be able to find it easier to maintain and deepen your own private spiritual practice.

We will use our collective focus to:

  • Understand why the winter time is so potent for spiritual renewal and regeneration, especially this one
  • Nourish your inner sanctuary for welcoming the power of silence and stillness
  • Find inspired and practical ways to support your personal transformation
  • Learn to trust and stay open to receive inner guidance and wisdom from your highest and purest source
  • Embrace the darkness and find the deep peace within

There will also be a weekly focus and suggestions for meditative activities to help you maintain and nourish your personal spiritual practice during this time.

My Prayer

May I stay open to the passion of life without closing down or blanketing what arises.
May I find the courage to dive deeply into my own truth and find the resolve to hold true to its longing.
May I walk towards my fears and stay ‘yes’ to what life has to offer.
And may the deepest peace and divine love nourish me always.

Marion Young – 2005

I will be drawing on my wealth of experience of leading stillness and self-enquiry events as well as supporting many clients on their spiritual journeys. These online Zoom sessions are audio only (no video), to help you step away from all distractions and turn your focus within. The emphasis is on your own personal experience while still being part of a collective energy field. It is a powerful combination. The chat will be open at the end of the session to answer any direct questions.

Preparing for these evenings

  • Choose a favourite chair or place in your home that you can use for the guided evenings and your private practice
  • Find the cosiest and most beautiful shawl or blanket you possess, and use it only for your spiritual practices (allowing it to build up its own energy field)
  • Find a beautiful candle or candle holder and use it during the sessions
  • You will need a journal and a pen
  • Prepare your space at least 30 minutes before we start so that you are ready to dive in

You’ll be able to let me know by email if you have any questions or concerns before or after the sessions


Tuesday evenings from 2nd November to 14th December 2021 7.30 – 9pm


£ 125 and includes weekly email summaries and recordings plus optional direct email connection with me to answer any personal questions.

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