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"Marion, to say your work has changed my life would be an understatement."


A Journey Deep Within – Preparing for the Awakening Power of Spring

A 7 week experience on Tuesday evenings – 15th February to 5th April (excluding 15th March) 2022 – 7.30 to 9pm – Audio only

with Marion Young

There is only one relationship that really matters, and that is your relationship with Source and your inner guidance.

The emphasis of this course is to nourish your ability to go deep within to connect with your inner peace and stillness, as well as be part of a powerful collective consciousness that enhances and amplifies your connection to the universal supply.

As we prepare to emerge out of our winter hibernation and into our time of spiritual renewal, we will be preparing our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual ‘soil’ ready to plant some Soul ‘seeds’ for the coming seasons.

Over the next few weeks, the warmth and the light will slowly return, and we too can return with new awareness, greater spiritual understanding and a renewed commitment to living our lives guided by Grace.

This Spring will be like no other we have seen before. With so much change and so many challenges, our spiritual practices are going to be more important than ever before.

From this place, we can sow our Soul seeds; our visions for how we want to be in the world and what we want to see.

The online Zoom sessions in this course are audio only, to help you step away from all distractions and to turn your focus within. The emphasis is on your own personal experience while still being part of a collective energy field – a powerful combination. The Zoom chat feature will be available for any questions or to share realisations. By creating your own sacred space at home and meeting as part of a group every week, it will be easier for you to maintain and deepen your own private spiritual practice.

We will use our collective focus to:

  • Prepare your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual space ready to sow your Soul seeds
  • Nourish your inner sanctuary for welcoming the power of silence and stillness
  • Find inspired and practical ways to support your personal transformation
  • Learn to trust and stay open to receive inner guidance and wisdom from your highest and purest source

You’ll receive weekly focus suggestions to help you stay centered and committed to your spiritual practices. I will draw upon my wealth of experience of leading stillness and self-enquiry events as well as supporting my clients on their spiritual journeys.

What people said about the ‘Journey Deep Within – Discovering the Hidden Gifts in the Dark Winter’ course in 2020


” It has been a truly transformative time for me, because of your course, and for the first time ever I am loving this time of year..”


“I’m absolutely loving Tuesday evenings with you, and I never knew that there was so much beauty to winter. All the weekly reminders helped me stay on track and I am so surprised how much my life has changed when on the surface of things we didn’t really do that much. Less is definitely more. Please can you do a Spring course!”


“I loved the winter meditation course. My outlook on winter has completely changed. I also really enjoyed the fact that it was audio only and I could get totally immersed in my own space whilst feeling connected to the group. Your reminders of the group energy were great. It has also helped me to see that I can quite easily create a quiet, calm space for myself in the family home, which has felt almost impossible in the past.”


“I just wanted to let you know how deeply I am appreciating this series of nights with you around journeying deep within. It really has been such a comfort and a beacon of light in the dark. It has accompanied me and encouraged me through difficulties, through self-care, and through emerging hopes for this season and beyond. My relationship to this Season has radically altered and I’m almost begging it not to end.”


“The format of your going deep within course is simply delicious and though I’ve often lost your voice in the drifting away to bliss and peace, I’ve always re-listened the next morning – deepening my practice and presence to the letting go and the letting be. I love the privacy and focus that comes with no camera.”


“I just feel your space holding and intuitive sense of what is needed has far exceeded any other experiences we’ve shared and that is coming from someone who has always held that aspect of your work in high regard. It’s like you were made for this time and this format – though I know we all miss the physical presence – it has brought a whole new dimension!”

Preparing for these evenings

  • Choose a favourite chair or place in your home that you can use for the guided evenings and your private practice
  • Find a beautiful candle or candle holder and use it during the session
  • You will need a journal and a pen
  • Prepare your space at least 15 minutes before we start so that you are ready to dive in
  • You’ll be able to let me know by email if you have any questions or concerns before or after the sessions

After you’ve registered, you’ll receive more information and login details before the first evening session.


15th February to 5th April (excluding 15th March) 2022
Each evening will be from 7.30 – 9pm


The price for the full 7 week course is £ 125

Bookings and Payment

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From previous course participants…

“Looking back at the me before I started the course, I can hardly believe how much I have changed, and how much has happened for the better since I began your course.”
2020 participant

“I found the course really helpful, thank you so much. Having a weekly focus made a big difference to me. I really liked how it felt knowing we were going through the experience as a group. I could feel the energy of the group supporting my practice during the days in between.”
Spring 2020 participant

“I loved your course. When I reflect on my state of being at the start of the course to how it is at the end, I realise the extent to which I have evolved with each week. It is deeply transformational so a deep namaste to you Marion for all that you are and do.”
Summer 2020 participant

“I got more from the course than I had imagined. It exceeded my expectations. The series of revelations I had culminating in the declaration feels like a significant change. I felt safe and supported throughout the course. I got some deep insights into how my previous relationships have shaped my communications, and the impetus to change how I set my boundaries and speak my truth. I think this will make a lasting & positive change in my life.”
Spring 2020 participant

Bookings and Payment

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