Marion Young - Journey Therapist & Spiritual Mentor

‘Marion – you pick people up off the pavement and put them back together – you give them back to their families and the ripples of your healing touch the world’

About me

The search for a deeper meaning to my life and a hunger to move through my limitations and old emotional baggage, drew me to experience and train in a variety of different spiritual and healing modalities.

My professional life started in Local Government working with homeless families and here I became passionate about finding ways to empower myself and others to cope with life’s challenges in a meaningful way. This led me into working with groups and individuals, specialising in meditation and self-awareness and communication.

Journey Therapist

In 1999, I discovered the pioneering work of Brandon Bays and The Journey and participated in the first Practitioner Accreditation Programme. By this time I was already a practising therapist and lecturer in complementary medicine, but The Journey was unlike anything I had previously experienced. The Journey profoundly changed my life, and together with my regular meditation practice, my health and well being have improved beyond recognition.

Meditation and Stillness

I also continue to value the power and life enhancing benefits of meditation, and have spent many years researching and experimenting with different styles and techniques. The depth of stillness uncovered by Journey work took my meditation practice to a whole new level, and the meditation technique that I now teach is a distillation of all that I have learnt.

With a regular meditation practice, when life presents its challenges it is so much easier to return to my center. I have leant that our inner stillness is the one constant in our lives, and it is always there for us to access whenever we need it.

Stillness is undervalued in our busy and noisy world and I am on a mission to bring periods of silence and quiet back into daily life. Every day I try to take some time to stop and be still; without it, it is so much harder to stay centered and to view my life from a deeper perspective. It is not always possible but it is a relief to me to know that when I do feel overwhelmed or tired, that it’s not for long. It’s as if I have my own personal oasis of calm, always with me wherever I am.

If you would like to know more…

To find out more about my work please look around the pages of my website, and if you have any questions please call me on 07949 095107, or send me a message.


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