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"I would not have got through 2020 without the support of you and the Friday Morning Group. It has saved my sanity and helped me to see things differently."

The Friday Morning Group ~ A Sacred Space for Women Online ~ Friday Morning 10am to 12.30pm – the group currently meets monthly

Inspiration. Mutual Support. Deep Meditation. Like-Minded souls. Spiritual Nourishment

“Thank you for a wonderful FMG yesterday; you hold us all in such a peaceful, restorative and energising space with your beautiful presence, profound and deep meditations and conscious resting that just wraps us all in cosy blanket of stillness.”

For the last 22 years, I have been offering ‘The Friday Morning Meditation and Self-Awareness Group’, first at my home, then at the beautiful St Michael’s Sanctuary in Ewell, and now online.

Over the last few years we have become a women only group, not by intention, but perhaps by a deep inner calling to create a sacred women’s circle.

The intention of the group has always been the same. To create a sacred and confidential space in which to rest deeply in stillness, meditate and grow in self- awareness together.

Now, as we navigate the new energy of 2021 and the global shifts and awakening that are taking place, I feel that this group is more important than ever. Together we can help each other to stay strong and committed to our spiritual practices, as well as deepen our own personal connection to Grace. Here we have access to our Soul’s wisdom and inner guidance, and the deep inner knowing that helps us live a life guided by Grace.

In order to keep the integrity of the group, we ask that if you are new to the FMG experience and would like to attend, that you email me first to introduce yourself before registering for the first time.

“Friday morning group saved my life, my sanity and my wellbeing. Without Marion’s support and inspiration, and the love and kindness of the other’s in the group, I think my life would have turned out very differently to the wonderful one I have now.”

“I have attended Marion’s Friday morning group sessions, group leaders training and also had one to one sessions with her. All my experiences of working with Marion have been positive, encouraging and enlightening. She is able to hold a space to allow me to look deeper inside and connect with myself and others from my heart. I feel very grateful to have connected with Marion; through her wise and patient guidance, I feel I have developed as a human, have become more forgiving and appreciative of myself and others and learnt to enjoy life more.”

“FMG has been my port in the storm. I have learnt that magic happens here.”

 A brief history of the Friday Morning Group

I love facilitating this group, and always have done ever since it began back in 1999. Originally a support group for myself and my clients while I was completing my Brandon Bays Journey Practitioner training, at the time this group felt like the only place where I could share the deep experiences I was going through.

The FMG became a very important source of support and spiritual nourishment for me and those who attended, and this has continued to be the case right up to the present day.

The pioneering work of Brandon and The Journey continues to suffuse the Friday Morning Group as well as other modalities and teachings from different lineages. Now the global shift is underway, we also draw upon some of the more esoteric teachings that have been preparing us for this time in so many different ways.


“I don’t know what I would have managed these last few months without FMG. I am so grateful I have found you. I always leave feeling uplifted and inspired and hear something that creates an opening for me. Sometimes, I think I can’t be bothered to join, especially now FMG is online. But when I do, every time I am so glad I did. The world vision session was magical, the beauty and the stillness kept me going for days. I don’t think I will ever forget it. Thank you so much Marion, Jan and Honorine.”

“Nothing gets in the way of FMG!”

“I have been to several workshops held by Marion and each time I found myself in a sacred space filled with love, understanding and truth. Marion has an innate ability to gracefully guide you and the perfect facilitation skills to create the right energy at her events. Afterwards I leave feeling fulfilled, cleansed and looking forward to the next one.”

“Thank you for a wonderful FMG yesterday; you hold us all in such a peaceful, restorative and energising space with your beautiful presence, profound and deep meditations and conscious resting that just wraps us all in cosy blanket of stillness.”

Preparing for our Sacred Mornings

These can be very deep and transformational mornings so I highly recommend that you take 15 minutes to prepare your space; have a shawl or blanket, a drink of water and a pen & paper to hand. We also suggest that you have a candle to light ready for when we begin our opening meditation.

We use the Zoom meeting platform for our meetings, and when you log on you will be invited to wait in the waiting room. This is why if you are new, you need to introduce yourself before you register to join the group. We open our space at 9.50 am with a prompt 10 am start. We have a mid-morning break, followed by some Conscious resting (lying down meditation) and finish at 12.30 pm. This is an interactive group with our videos on and it includes group sharing.

We ask that everyone commits to keeping this a confidential space so we can share freely in an open and supportive way.

We have a 10-minute tea break mid-morning, and then our group ends at 12.30 pm.

The Team…

I bring decades of experience as a therapist, spiritual seeker, mentor and group facilitator to these mornings, along with the Graceful support of Jan Collis and Honorine Moynihan. Jan and Honorine are also accredited Journey Practitioners, mentors and therapists in a range of different modalities.

Upcoming dates for the Friday Morning Group online Meditation and Self-Enquiry Sacred Space for Women

September 3rd
October 1st
November 5th
December 3rd – Christmas Special


Cost is on a sliding scale of £5 – £15 depending on affordability.

Payment is by donation with a number of options to reflect the original intention of Friday Morning Group, which was that everyone would have access to the work regardless of financial status. The Friday Morning Group tithes to the Lucy Rayner Foundation Charity (who support young people with their mental health and well being).

Register & Pay

Registration and Payment links for the Autumn sessions to be added soon…

If you are joining us for the first time, please email me first to introduce yourself, otherwise, you can register and pay below by scrolling down to the date you wish to attend. PLEASE REGISTER BEFORE 8 AM ON THE DAY, THANK YOU.