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Experience a 2-day Journey Intensive presented by me and supported by a team experienced trainers led by Gillian Lenane.

** 2017 dates to be announced **

The new 2 day ‘Journey @ Home’ Intensive event at St Michael’s with myself and a team of trainers led by Gillian Lenane, is a new way to experience a Journey Intensive.

Based on the work of pioneering mind-body-healing expert and bestselling author Brandon Bays, I am passionate about these events and am thrilled to be offering these in my local community.

At the 2 day Journey@Home event you will…

  • Embark on a journey into the very nature of your soul, where you will bathe in the vast, boundless presence of love at the core of your being.
  • Uncover old cell memories and limiting patterns, resolving and forgiving old issues so that your body is free to access its own healing potential.
  • Penetrate and clear stubborn emotional blocks that have, perhaps unknowingly, held you back for years.
  • Master practical, easy-to-use tools and experience joy and freedom in your life everyday.
  • Find profound emotional and spiritual clarity and liberate your infinite potential.
  • Learn the latest Journey techniques as well as experiencing meditations, guided introspections and additional mini-process work.

Call Marion on 07979 415 398 for more information or to register your interest.


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