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“To say your work has transformed my life would be an understatement.

This programme has been life changing for me, enrolling was the best decision I have ever made. It was expertly structured to gently take you through a year of incredible spiritual and personal growth, self-discovery and constant realisations.”

Lourdes Rey – Previous mentoring programme participant

A Year Guided by Grace…

Step into stillness with me for a year of spiritual deepening and personal transformation.

Together we will support, encourage, grow and celebrate each other as we commit to a year of being guided by Grace.

We will be focused too, allowing the deep and powerful stillness to guide and inspire our actions. And we are going to commit to regular meditation, self-enquiry, exercise and conscious resting practices.

This will be my fourth year-long mentoring programme, and there is nothing in my experience that matches the power and the energy of a group for creating real and lasting change.

I will bring 30 years of group facilitation experience and my therapeutic and consciousness raising tools to our group, as well as access to two very powerful sacred spaces.

The programme this year is for women only – I am being called to follow the guidance I received after spending time with an Aboriginal medicine man in the Australian rainforest in 2000.

We will explore more deeply some of what I experienced there, and how we as conscious women are being asked to play our part in bringing balance and harmony back to ourselves, our relationships and our world.

Four seasons collage: Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn, for the women's mentoring programme.

The programme consists of

Group sessions…

  • 8 x Group days – 9am to 4.30pm at St Michael’s Sanctuary in Ewell. We will spend the mornings upstairs at the ’round table’ and then retreat to the main Sanctuary after lunch for a conscious resting session to deepen our connection to Grace and then to integrate all we have learnt and experienced during the day. The dates are:
    • 20th January, 17th February & 17th March
    • 19th May & 16th June
    • 15th September, 20th October & 17th November

April and August will be months of individually guided rest from the formal structure of the programme, to allow time for integration and personal reflection.

  • 1 x One-day silent retreat in a country location, venue TBC – 14th July.
  • 8 x Mid-month group conference calls to help you stay focussed and inspired.
  • 1 x Closing group conference call in December.

One-to-One sessions…

  • 1 x Introductory 90 minute skype / telephone session to help you set your personal intentions for the year.
  • 3 x Three hour sessions at my personal sacred space at Box Hill (or St Michael’s Sanctuary if you prefer).
  • 1 x Closing 90 minute skype / telephone session at the end of the programme to review and plan ahead.
  • Personally tailored home action programme, email support and more.

Dawn sunrise

Programme requirements

This programme is not for the faint-hearted. Before applying, ask yourself if you are willing to commit to…

  • Being disciplined and following through on commitments made during the programme
  • A regular meditation/reflection practice
  • Taking full responsibility for your thoughts, actions and feelings
  • A regular exercise programme – we will be expanding the light body so grounding the extra awareness is essential
  • Completing the programme and supporting yourself and each other to the highest
  • Having fun and enjoying your life

How much?

Once you have been accepted into the programme, a £500 non-refundable deposit will secure your place.

There are two payment options for the balance:

  • £200 per month for 11 months (by standing order)


  • £2000 payable one week before the start of the programme

Nine phases of the full growth cycle of the moon isolated in the night sky with clouds to demonstrate women's mentoring and intuition

To find out more…

For more information please call me on 07949 095 107 or email for an application form and to arrange a telephone or skype interview.

About Marion

I am wildly in love with the transformational power of stillness for spiritual connection and practical guidance for daily life. A life guided by Grace (the word I choose to describe something that cannot be named, only experienced) brings more peace and harmony, more excitement and passion for living than anything else that I know of.

And it is also this connection to Grace which can bring spectacular manifestations of dreams and soul longings.

My quest to find personal peace and the most transformational techniques for accessing my spiritual guidance suffuses all my professional work as a group facilitator, trainer and therapist. With over thirty years’ experience in facilitating groups and working one-to-one with clients, I have come to learn how powerful sacred space is for transformation and realisation.

I bring my passion and experience to this programme as well as my own commitment to living a life guided by Grace.

Marion Young - Journey Therapist and Spiritual mentor

From previous mentoring group partcipants…

“I’ve loved the power of the spiritual mentoring group. Working with group consciousness has allowed the healing and release to go so much deeper. I know that this is a real gift to myself and that I will still be reaping the rewards of this deep inner work for years to come.

And I’ve also loved the consistency. It just shows that it doesn’t take a huge amount of action; a small amount of action done consistently can reap fantastic rewards.”

Patti Good

“Thank you for an extraordinarily powerful and life changing experience. I have been on a lot of programmes and nothing has had as much impact as this one.”

Caroline Sullivan

“This has been a richly profound year. I joined this course to deepen my connection to Grace, to really get a sense of a Grace-led life and to look at my pattern of debt. I have received this and so much more; the stillness, the reflection, the willingness to take responsibility.

I can truly say that this was the year that I learnt to love my life for all that it is and all that it has been. I have really seen “my game” like never before – and with that comes ability to make real change, to change from the inside. I have had many moments where Grace “led” me and I know now that these will only increase as I stop and hand over.

I have loved, loved the stillness and silence that this course has inspired in me. Marion has “held” the space so gracefully and I am deeply grateful for the profound changes that this has inspired in me.

Thank you dear Marion, I really feel that my life begins here…”

2015/16 participant

“Marion is a wonderful facilitator and holder of space. Treat yourself… leave your shoes at the door of knowing , take your rod of truth and let your soul direct you, whilst Marion supports and holds you and witnesses you remember who you really are.”

2015/16 participant

What other people have said about working with Marion…

“I am so grateful to Marion for this course. I have felt held by her through the ups and downs of my life and through her found the deeper meaning to it all and have been able to clear the thoughts and beliefs that were holding me out of alignment with my truth. I have loved a structure to my spiritual practice and the many different tools that have been offered.”


“Marion has an innate ability to gracefully guide you and the perfect facilitation skills to create the right energy. After her events, I leave feeling fulfilled, cleansed and looking forward to the next one.”

Shalini Bullock-Halliwell

“I did not have any idea of how transformational the programme would be for me and my loved ones. I learned how so much can shift within this sacred space, within such a short space of time. Your support and guidance is so nurturing and so utterly genuine and heartfelt.

I started the course thinking spiritual mentoring was a luxury, I now see as a real necessity, and an incredible gift. I cannot say how grateful I am, thank you Marion.”


“My journey with Marion Young began over the telephone coming up to a year ago now. I remember hearing a certain something in her voice which expressed her deep open, compassionate, and loving nature. I immediately felt safe. Since then Marion has expertly guided me through what I feel has been a myriad of self-discovery. Her presence is filled with dedication and focus. Beyond Marion’s expertise as a facilitator I also feel that she is a woman deeply grounded in her life experiences and thus attuned with many different authentic perspectives.

I always look forward to connecting with Marion, I find our sessions / time together to be not only paramount in inner movement but above all.. a lot of fun. The palpable energy flow that occurs is a beautiful guide back to centre, every time.”

Name withheld

“Marion has the capacity to express deep care and understanding, even when addressing an audience. Each part of the event seem to matter to her in equal measure and she knew exactly when to linger on a point and when to move on. At the end I found myself reluctant to leave, which speaks volumes.”

Gill Puzey

“You are so inspiring and give me such DRIVE – what you see from me is how you have guided and inspired me to be where I am today – THANK YOU.”


“I received more than I could have ever envisaged on this course, huge gratitude for providing such a special course and for sharing your immense learnings and wisdom.”


“All my experiences of working with Marion have been positive, encouraging and enlightening. She is able to hold a space to allow me to look deeper inside and connect with myself and others from my heart. I feel very grateful to have connected with Marion, through her wise and patient guidance, I feel I have developed as a human, have become more forgiving and appreciative of myself and others and learnt to enjoy life more.”

Doris – Executive and Leadership coach

To find out more about the One Year Spiritual Mentoring Programme for Women

For more information or to apply for a place, please call me on 07949 095 107 or email for an application form and to arrange a telephone or skype interview.