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‘I just wanted to say a massive thank you for yesterday, it was extremely thought provoking and my mind is now buzzing with tons of new thoughts, ideas, wishes and manifestations. I feel so excited now about the year ahead.’

Vision Day 2019

Saturday 5th January 2019

with Marion & Martin

Step off the world for a while and into the stillness of this beautiful sanctuary to rest, reflect and create a new vision for 2019.

This annual event is now in its 11th year. We love the results we get, and so do our participants, many of whom come back the following year for more.

We spend the morning going quietly within, resting in the deep stillness in St Michael’s Sanctuary, reflecting and taking stock on where we are and where we want to be.

In the afternoon we start to energise a new vision, through words and images (everyone loves the cutting and sticking part as we make vision boards) before finishing with a practical action plan and a commitment to change.

In this carefully crafted one-day event which we refine every year, you will be guided through the process of:

  • Looking back with gratitude and appreciation
  • Reviewing with the life balance wheel
  • Releasing and moving on
  • Clearing out on the physical, emotion, mental and spiritual levels
  • The importance of keeping conscious company
  • Discovering what makes your heart sing
  • Finding ‘The Void’ – the place of infinite possibility
  • Crafting your new vision
  • Conscious resting & opening to receive
  • How you want your life to be; creating a compelling vision in words and pictures
  • Honing your vision and creating a practical action plan
  • Making a commitment to yourself

‘I would recommend the Vision Day without reservation as an incredibly powerful way in which to clear out unwanted things, emotions and limiting beliefs, and then to set your sights on all kinds of people, places and outcomes that you want to fill your life. It works.’

‘Such a powerful day, and so many manifestations as a consequence, and even better than I had envisioned for myself in the first place’

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