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"Marion’s Journey work is pure, clean, effortless Grace, simplicity, power, deeply healing & totally inspiring."

Debs Billet

The Journey

Among the many reasons why it can be so challenging to access and maintain our inner peace are the undigested life experiences and unhealthy beliefs that clog up our energy field, and that obscure the connection to our inner wisdom and knowing.

Old memories, traumas, limiting beliefs and thought patterns create blockages that prevent us from living our full potential as well as accessing our capacity to feel joy and happiness.

In my 30 years of therapeutic experience in a wide range of modalities, I have found that one of the most effective ways to clear those blockages is through the pioneering work of Brandon Bays and the Journey Method.

By bringing understanding and awareness to our deeper issues, current challenges can be seen and understood from a higher perspective. This creates space for new realisations which uplift the Soul and spirit, activate the body’s innate healing abilities and strengthens our connection with our inner wisdom.

Meeting Brandon Bays and experiencing the journey work for myself back in 1999, I found and deepened into the peace that I had been seeking for decades. My life was transformed, my connections to others and to my inner knowing deepened beyond recognition, and continues to do so to this day. I trained as a Journey Practitioner in 1999, and over the past 20 years I have facilitated thousands of Journey processes, helping others to clear their own pathways to their inner peace.

1-1 Journey Therapy Programmes

I specialise in creating a safe and sacred space in which your old issues can naturally rise to the surface and be released. Together we enter this place of deep stillness in which you can clear away what is holding you back from finding your calm and powerful centre of inner stillness. Based on years of experience, every session is tailor made to your needs and situation.

Journey work can be intense, and very powerful! And change takes time. It requires commitment, patience and trust. But if you want to feel more free, alive and connected to your inner knowing, then making a commitment sets everything in motion. The Universe cannot help but respond, and as Brandon Bays says “When you take a step towards Grace, Grace takes a thousand steps towards you”

One to one sessions are available online on Zoom, Skype or Facetime, or in-person in Epsom in Surrey, England (30 minutes by train from Waterloo or Victoria). My London practice is currently closed.

If you would like to find out more, then why not email me here to arrange an introductory, no obligation chat?


“Intense, life-changing, special and nothing like I have ever experienced before.”

“Marion, to say your work has changed my life, would be an understatement.”

“Thank you for this and for a transformational session. My heart feels full and my being feels like it is updating/transforming. I’m very excited to finally have found someone of your calibre, heart, connection and authenticity, and to have a process to commit to. Thank you so much for walking the path that has brought you to that place.”

“Marion is amazing at practising what she preaches. There is a sense of stillness and peace that emanates from her and immediately makes you feel safe and welcome in her presence. She has no desire to ‘push’ her ideas onto you. You feel like you and your own journey are deeply honoured.”

“Intense, powerful, life-changing, undergoing the Journey with Marion was unlike anything I had experienced before.”

“The Journey processes with Marion totally changed my life, and my family’s life. I feel new and full of hope. I was so surprised by what came up, how something so seemingly trivial had such a big effect. Everyone has noticed the difference in me, especially my children.”

“Working with Marion was so powerful and went way beyond my expectations. Sometimes it was emotionally turbulent & draining and I had to dig deep. She was always available for support and after a few weeks the emotional intensity started to pass. Now I look back and I know my work with Marion, however challenging at the time, is the best thing I have ever done for myself. It was the start of a spiritual journey that has opened up a world of stillness, peace and resilience.”

Marion Young Senior Journey Practitioner in UK

For new clients – choose between a 3 or 5 session programme, online or in-person

Programmes include:

  • Pre-Journey Programme questionnaire
  • Three or five individual Journey Process sessions
  • Three or five 45 minute follow up telephone / online sessions (one after after each Journey Process)
  • One final 45 minute telephone / online follow up session 3 weeks after completing the programme
  • Unlimited email support for the duration of the programme
  • Meditation resources and support
  • Complimentary places at the online Friday Morning Group (my regular meditation and self-awareness group)

Online or in-person?

Journey Process work is equally powerful and effective whether using the internet or meeting in person. However, if you are based in the South-East of England, you may prefer to have your sessions face-to-face.

  • Online Journey Process sessions are  2 hours long
  • In-person sessions are held in Epsom in Surrey (England) and are 3 hours long



  • The 3 session online programme (a total of 9 hours of therapy time, plus email support) is £1200
  • The 5 session online programme (a total of 14.5 hours of therapy time, plus email support) is £1800

In person

  • The 3 session in-person programme (a total of 12 hours of  therapy time, plus email support) is £1650
  • The 5 session in-person programme (a total of 19.5 hours of therapy time, plus email support) is £2450

Single Journey Therapy Sessions

After completing a 3 or 5 session programme, many of my clients return for ad hoc single Journey process sessions.

A single 2 hour session plus a follow up call is £250 (online) or £295 (face to face).

Single Journey sessions are also available at the same rates to those who have been through the Journey Practitioner Programme and wish to continue deepening their personal journey.

What people have said…

“I was simply overwhelmed by the depth, breadth and openness of your work, and how much compassion and wisdom you extended to me and helped me uncover in myself.”
Journey Therapy client 2015


“Marion is such a highly skilled deep meditation facilitator and journey practitioner, I felt she was by my side all the time. I felt able to go to places I had never dared before.”
Journey Therapy client 2019


“I feel held by Marion at every session and each time I found myself in a sacred space filled with love, understanding and truth. Marion has an innate ability to gracefully guide you and the process and it is hard to find the words to describe what a difference this has made to my life.”
Journey Therapy client 2016


“I had the blessing of meeting Marion at a Journey Abundance seminar. I was and have been going through a long and difficult divorce which I am pleased to say is nearly over. With the wonderful sessions I have had with Marion I have found forgiveness for my ex and for myself. In the sacred and secure space she creates I have been able to explore many of my insecurities and fears knowing she would always be there to assist and support with love and Grace.”
Journey Therapy client 2010


‘Marion’s magic works because she sees through our fears and she focuses her attention on the beauty of one’s individual divine light. I was given back my true self. The one that was gifted, strong, confident, loving, and joyful, before life experiences made me wrongly believe that this part of me could never be changed.”
Journey Therapy client 2019


“Marion is able to hold a space to allow me to look deeper inside and connect with myself and others from my heart. I feel very grateful to have connected with Marion, through her wise and patient guidance, I feel I have developed as a human, have become more forgiving and appreciative of myself and others and learnt to enjoy life more.”
Journey Client 2015


“There is a sense of stillness and peace in Marion that immediately makes you feel safe and welcome.”
Journey Client 2017


“I wanted to say thank you for helping with the start of this beautiful journey that I hope I will never undervalue. Life’s been pretty wonderful. You gave me the world! And somehow taught me: even if I lose it I’ll be fine.”
Journey Client 2019


“I thought I knew myself, but it turns out I didn’t. Emotions and memories I had long buried, bubbled up to the surface during my Journey process. It was like shining a torch on my psyche and seeing that there were hidden bits longing for freedom. It was an intense and transformational process and I wholeheartedly recommend Marion. She is a wise, compassionate and gentle guide.”
Journey Client 2018


An introductory, no obligation chat…

If you would like to know more about the profound nature of Journey process work with an experienced Journey Practitioner, please do get in touch. I very much look forward to sharing this powerful and transformational work with you.

Please read the following Terms & Conditions and Disclaimer

Please note the following

I always endeavour to be as flexible as possible, so please let me know as soon as you can if you would like to change or are unable to attend your appointment. If you cancellation with less than 48 hours notice and I am unable to re-book your session with another client, there will be a cancellation charge.

If will also be very supportive if you can arrive punctually so that we can maximise the time that has been put aside for you.

Please avoid any alcohol or drugs (other than prescribed drugs) for at least 24 hours before a session and to remember to create the space and time to rest after your session.


These sessions are not intended to replace medical treatment, and no medical advice or diagnosis will be given. Always seek the advice of a qualified medical doctor if you are concerned about your physical, mental or emotional health.

Please do not hesitate to call me if you have any concerns or queries before your appointment on 07949 095107.