About you

Have you been looking for ways to live your life differently, perhaps with more simplicity and joy? Or maybe you have received a wakeup call, in the form of a health or relationship challenge?

Maybe you have experienced a spiritual awakening and are wanting to integrate this deeper awareness into your daily life. Or maybe you are going through the ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ and feel as if your life has lost its meaning.

Do you value working with someone with 30 years of experience in the field? Do you have the willingness and discipline to do the ‘work’ that will be asked of you to make the changes that you are seeking?

There are no ‘quick fixes’ on the journey to wholeness, changes take time and are not for the faint hearted. I bring all my life and professional experience to my clients, and love to work with people who are hungry for change.

Due to my other commitments I only have limited appointment availability, so these spaces are precious. If something inside of you feels ready and excited at the prospect of making this commitment, then contact me for a no obligation introductory call and we will take it from there.

Call 07949 095 107 or email .

About me

The search for a deeper meaning to my life, and a hunger to move through my limitations and old emotional baggage, drew me to experience and train in a variety of different spiritual and healing modalities.

My professional life started in Local Government working with homeless families and here I became passionate about finding ways to empower myself and others to cope with life’s challenges in a meaningful way. This led me into the training field with the National Federation of Housing Associations, specialising in communication, team building and assertiveness training for women.

It was during this time that I began to understand the power of groups, and how, when combined with my personal interest in meditation and self-awareness, the benefits to those who participated in them were profound and life changing.

Marion Young Senior Journey Practitioner in UK

Brandon Bays Journey Therapist

In 1999, I discovered the pioneering work of Brandon Bays and The Journey, and I participated in the first training programme to become qualified as an Accredited Journey Practitioner. By this time I was already a practising therapist and lecturer in complementary medicine, but The Journey was unlike anything I had previously experienced. The Journey changed my life, and together with my NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) practitioner training, daily meditation and self-enquiry practice, my life feels so much calmer and richer than I ever could have imagined.

During the last 20 years, I have facilitated thousands of Journey processes for people from all walks of life, and I am currently the Journey’s European Assessor, assessing the written case studies that all trainee Journey Practitioners undertake as the final part of their accreditation process. I am also a member of IPTI – Independent Professional Therapists International.

The power of Silence and Stillness

Stillness is undervalued in our busy and noisy world and I am on a mission to raise awareness about how important, perhaps even essential, time for quiet reflection is, not only for the individual but for society as a whole.

Every day I take some time to stop and be still and I encourage my clients and course participants to do the same. As Neale Donald Walsh says “If you don’t go within, you go without”.

“Getting away from the noise and pace of everyday life and stepping into the silence is like a holiday for the Soul. You hold the space brilliantly and Im very grateful.”

“I feel immense gratitude that I have found you, and your work. Right person, right timing.”

“Marion is an exceptional Journey Practitioner, group facilitator and meditation teacher. I have had the privilege of learning from and working alongside Marion for many years. She walks her talk. She lives and works from a place of Grace. Words cannot capture the inspiration, love and wisdom Marion provides for her clients and community. She is extraordinary and will guide you to a place of personal peace.”