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"Everyone should experience a silent retreat. It’s the greatest act of self care amongst beauty and peace and people who know what can unfold."

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One-Day Silent Retreat – Autumn 2019

Friday 22nd November
~ St Micheal’s Sanctuary in Ewell, Surrey

With Marion Young

Enjoy a day of silence & stillness, an opportunity for deep rest, reflection and relaxation at St Michael’s Sanctuary in Ewell, the perfect venue for a silent retreat with its deep and palpable presence of stillness.

  • Slow down and recharge – With guided meditations, Conscious Resting and time for personal reflection as we have exclusive use of both the upstairs and downstairs spaces
  • Disconnect from technology – Our busy lives cause our minds and bodies to be on hyper-alert which is stressful and tiring
  • Enter into the silence – Let your brain waves slow down and let your mind and body unwind
  • Create space – For your inner wisdom to shine through, and to reconnect to your true meaning and purpose
  • Connect directly – To the guidance of your Soul, a deeply comforting source of infinite wisdom and inspiration

Spending time in silence can be challenging at first

When life’s distractions are taken away (phones stay switched off throughout the day) we come face-to-face with ourselves. Thoughts and feelings that we have tried to repress through being busy begin to rise to the surface of our awareness.

But when there is a willingness to meet these hidden parts of ourselves, and allow them to pass through, our capacity to find inner peace increases. Because of this, spending time is silence can be a very nourishing, restorative and illuminating experience.

On this one-day retreat you will be gently guided on how to ‘be’ in silence and how to get the most out of the experience

St. Micheal’s Sanctuary has a deep presence of stillness and is an ideal place in which to experience being in silence, especially for the first time.

  • There is a maximum group size of twelve people
  • A light lunch will be provided


The retreat is from 9.30am to 4.30pm.


The price for the day is £95 (which includes a light lunch). Scroll down to book a place.

About Marion

Marion has over 28 years’ experience as a therapist and group facilitator. She is wildly enthusiastic about the power and benefits of taking time to be in silence and loves taking groups into silence on her one day and residential retreats.

She enjoys talking too, especially with people who are searching for deeper meaning and purpose in their lives, and who want to live their full potential as well as experiencing happiness and joy in simply being alive. Through her groups, one-to-one work, courses, and programmes, Marion supports and helps her clients to connect with their own source of peace and illuminating presence.

Marion is a Brandon Bays Journey Therapist, NLP Practitioner, Meditation Teacher and Group Facilitator Trainer.

marion young journey therapist in london and spiritual mentor

“I was expecting to find the Silent Day Retreat difficult. I am an incessant chatterbox and the only time I ever stop talking is when I am asleep. Plus, I am forever checking my mobile devices. How would I cope if I had to switch them off for almost an entire day?

Marion was incredibly reassuring and actually, slipping into the silence was effortless. After a couple of hours, my mind slowed right down and by lunchtime, I had discovered my inner Prozac. I touched a profound bliss within that I had never experienced before and it stayed with me long after the retreat was over. In essence, it was life-changing.”

Sally Brockway – Previous retreat participant

“I loved last Saturday! I had never been on a silent retreat like that before and it surpassed any expectations I had. It helped me to truly experience the depth of this god-like energy within me. I felt connected to its gentle power, and how that power connects us all. The feeling has not left me.”

Honorine Moynihan – Previous retreat participant

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