Four Night Silent Retreat header banner
Four Night Silent Retreat header banner

4 Night Silence and Stillness Retreat in the Beautiful Brecon Beacons

5pm on Sunday 29th September ~ 3pm on Thursday 3rd October 2019

with Marion, Martin, Gillian, Jan and Ameet

Step off the busy world for a while and take some time to rest and reflect

Everyone benefits from withdrawing from the world from time to time, to find the peace that resides deep within.

There is a long spiritual tradition of ‘entering the silence’ within ourselves. Silence is considered to ‘be golden’ with its own vibration, higher and purer than anything else – the ‘peace that passes all understanding’.

Buckland Hall retreat venue pictured from the garden Silent retreat landscape garden

Let us guide you ‘into the silence’

Through years of experience of facilitating silent retreats, we have brought together the best we can find in every area, to help you experience the many profound benefits of being in silence.

  • A majestic mansion set in 62 acres of beautiful countryside
  • A venue with a deep presence of stillness and for our exclusive use
  • 5 facilitators with many years’ experience of group facilitation and individual support
  • Guided group meditations and relaxation sessions
  • Optional activities, including art, yoga, woodland breathing and labyrinth walking
  • Optional therapeutic and self-enquiry circles for individual guidance
  • Delicious home cooked vegetarian food with vegan options
  • En suite accommodation in every room, with a variety of single and sharing options
  • Log fires and outdoor fire pit

We feel particularly excited to be running this retreat at Buckland Hall in Wales, after the closure of our previous venue in Sussex that we used for our last ten silent retreats. Marion knows Buckland Hall well, having stayed here many times over the years, and she attended her first silent retreat here in 1999.

View from the Buckland Hall Retreat Centre window of tree and green hills beyondBench overlooking the hills from Buckland Hall

Previous Silent Retreat participants have said…

“The care and attention and love that was put into this retreat was felt and very appreciated. I loved all of it, and especially valued the freedom and light structure, I enjoyed and gained something from all the activities offered. The experience from the whole team was seamless and so valuable to me.”

Caroline Sullivan

“Silence and Stillness as a group, facilitated and led by Marion was a profound and nurturing experience.”

Alison Taylor-Reed

“I found the deep peace I had hoped for, and it was more healing than I could ever have imagined.”


“I felt this retreat totally nourished me and I am so happy that I haven’t had to get on a plane to a remote part of the world to achieve this level of peace.”

Carole De Lacey

Buckland Hall turf labyrinth walk Woman walking in the woods

On this Non-Religious Silent Retreat you will be able to…

  • Deepen your stillness practice with morning and evening guided meditations
  • Bask in the warmth of one of the lovely log fires (depending on the weather)
  • Enjoy specially prepared delicious vegetarian meals (vegan options available)
  • Explore the 62 acres of beautiful Welsh countryside on the private estate
  • Take time to reflect and relax in the many different spaces within the house
  • Help yourself to refreshments, always available in the library

And you can choose from a variety of optional activities…

  • Unwind with a variety of different yoga sessions with a highly experienced teacher
  • Immerse yourself with woodland breathing sessions in the beautiful grounds
  • Connect to your inner creativity in a dedicated art room
  • Deep introspection through self-enquiry circles with Marion and Gillian
  • Find healing and inspiration as you walk the stone labyrinth

“The silent retreat more than met my expectations! I thought it would be calm and soothing but wasn’t expecting to leave with such a deep sense of peace. I loved the group evening meditations – inspiring with a huge sense of community.”

Alison Lawson – Previous silent retreat participant

Silent Retreat Yoga session Half completed mandala design

Connect to your own inner wisdom

Your Soul is always attempting to guide your life along the highest path of your divine purpose, through intuition and synchronistic occurrences. These promptings are usually very subtle and quiet, yet we are often too busy to hear or respond to their inner guidance.

Entering the silence creates space for your Soul’s wisdom to shine through, giving you new and profound insights and perspectives. Here you can also come face to face with yourself, and in the willingness to just be with your own thoughts without the addition of other people’s opinions, an inner strength and peace can develop that gives freedom beyond words.

Unless you take the time out to reflect and review your life’s journey, years can go by without being conscious of what you are doing or what you are really wanting. We all need time to sit and think, to digest life’s experiences and to gain a bigger perspective so we can make new and more wholesome decisions.

Time to press pause…

Our silent retreats are designed to help you do just this, to stop and relax and to unwind. This takes time. Going on retreat and being in silence is a change of pace, a slowing down of everyday life. In our fast paced society our brains are used to operating at higher frequencies, the gamma and beta wavelengths. As the mind begins to slow down, we move into a more meditative space, the theta wavelengths.

Here, as neuroscientist Dr Shanida Nataraja explains in her book ‘The Blissful Brain’:

“The ultimate shift of contemplative practices is from left brain to right brain function, and dissolution of the ‘self’ leading to an awareness that our everyday reality is only a small fraction of the awareness of which the brain is potentially capable. Our brains have been designed so that an appropriate key, such as provided by meditation, can unlock this hidden potential.”

“Something extraordinary happens when I take time to withdraw my attention from the outside world, and give myself wholly to the experience of being fully present without the usual distractions of life. There is nothing else in my experience of life so far, that is as restorative and nourishing as being on an expertly guided silent retreat.”

Marion Young

“Should be called ‘a retreat from the noise of the mind and external forms into the infinite stillness within all of us’. Deeply grateful for this truly enlightening experience.”

Stephen D – Previous silent retreat participant

Buckland Hall Silent Retreat Venue single occupancy bedroom Buckland Hall Retreat Venue Dining Room Buckland Hall Retreat Venue Library

A chance for some tech-free time

To reap the full benefits of being in silence, we will disconnect from all technology, including your phone, for the duration of the retreat.

We will be offering a safe place to look after your phone for you so it is not far away, and you will be able to give your loved ones a 24 hour emergency contact number to use if needed.

You may be amazed how liberating and relaxing being without your phone actually is. Background anxiety melts away, and your very own ‘inner-net’ becomes a rich source of inspiration, insight, creativity and ‘ah hah’ moments.

What previous participants have said about our Silent Retreats…

“The retreat was everything I dreamt of and more. Beautiful location, perfectly organised and totally peaceful. So much reflection and realisations in such a short period, thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Lourdes Rey

“The phrase ‘Silence is Golden’ truly came to life on the weekend retreat. I would recommend this to anyone.”

Nico Kichenbrand

“It was very different from previous silent retreats I have been on, it was a very deep and special experience.”


View of Buckland Hall retreat centre from the garden Buckland Hall retreat venue in Wales surrounded by trees and hills

Your facilitators

Marion and her team; Martin Young, Gillian Lenane, Jan Collis and Ameet Malhotra have facilitated many events as a team or individually, in some cases going back as far as the last twenty years. Together they bring a wealth of experience of facilitating and supporting meditation and self-awareness groups. Each with experience of being in silence for extended periods, and with many years of professional group facilitation practise, as a team they offer a safe and sacred space in which you can experience the many profound and transformational benefits of being in silence.

Marion Young

Marion Young Silent Retreat Team leader

Marion has almost 30 years’ experience as a therapist, meditation and group facilitator. She is passionate about the benefits of silence and stillness, and of following the natural rhythms of rest and action.

Marion often spends long periods of time in silence, including a number of nine night retreats, and this has been integral to the creation of her courses, programmes and retreats, to which she also brings her extensive experience of guiding her clients and groups into silence.

As an Accredited Brandon Bays Journey Practitioner and the European Journey Assessor, an NLP Practitioner, Meditation Teacher and Group Facilitator Trainer, Marion facilitates spiritual mentoring programmes, workshops and has an international private therapy practice, both in person and on line.

Martin Young

Martin’s background is in Learning & Development. Having spent many years managing and growing the training department for an AIM listed technology company, he has also spent time as a freelance management development consultant.

With a life-long interest in personal development, his own journey has included studying sacred geometry, completing a counselling course and attending a number of Journey events (including ‘Journey Man’), and together with Ameet, exploring how men can support each other in a conscious way.

Martin combines his current web design business with supporting Marion on all her retreats since 2007. As well as a facilitator on this silent retreat, Martin will be creating and overseeing the art room.

Gillian Lenane

Gillian Lenane Silent Retreat facilitator

Gillian is a meditation teacher, therapist & spiritual mentor, and is a Brandon Bays Accredited Journey Practitioner & a William Bloom trained spiritual companion. Together with Marion she runs a Group Leader’s Training course, as well as running her own meditation, self-enquiry and spiritual development groups, including courses on the wisdom of rebel mystic women.

Gillian and Marion have worked together on many shared events for over 20 years and she is an integral part of the silent retreat facilitator team. She brings her depth of experience and knowledge of meditation and stillness to the silent retreats, as well as creating a stone labyrinth, having trained as a labyrinth facilitator at Chartres cathedral in France.

Jan Collis

Jan Collis Silent Retreat facilitator

Jan is an integral part of the support team on many of Marion’s events, especially The Friday Morning Group, the One Year Mentoring Programme, and most recently on the Women’s Residential Silent Retreats and the One-Day Silent Retreats.

While raising three children and training as a massage therapist, Jan was continually seeking ways to clear old issues and limitations. This led her to Marion and the work of Brandon Bays ‘The Journey’, and in 2010 she completed her training as a Journey Practitioner and then as an NLP practitioner.

Jan has a deep love and appreciation of stillness and silence, as well as extensive experience in supporting others to access this presence in themselves.

Ameet Malhotra

Ameet Malhotra Silent Retreat facilitator

Ameet has been teaching yoga for nearly 20 years. He is based in Nottingham and together with his wife runs the Yoga Village Studio. He is also a qualified occupational therapist, he has conducted clinical research in the field of yoga nidra, and when he’s not teaching yoga he works for the NHS in psychotherapy. He specialises in bringing a creative, meditative and accessible approach to yoga.

Ameet has a background in music and is the founding artist of the ‘We Are Made of Music’ project. Martin and Ameet have been colleagues and friends for over 20 years.

Why is silence so powerful?

Traditionally it has been religious orders that have recognised the power of silence, believing it to be the simplest path to God. Silence was considered to be ‘golden’, with its own vibration, higher and purer than anything else that life has to offer an earthly being.

Entering the silence creates space for your Soul’s wisdom to shine through. Here you can also come face to face with yourself, which is not always a comfortable process. But in the willingness to just be with your own thoughts, without the addition of other people’s opinions, an inner strength and peace can develop that gives freedom beyond words.

‘Great minds seek silence and solitude. It is here that the largest problems of life are worked out. The silence offers an ever available and unlimited opportunity for awakening the highest conception of truth.’

Charles Haanel – The Master Key System – 1929

Grand staircase at Buckland Hall Estate entrance sign at Buckland Hall View from the main reception window at Buckland Hall


This 4 night retreat is from 5pm on Sunday 29th September to 3pm on Thursday 3rd October 2019, and the prices are inclusive of all meals and activities for the whole of your stay.

Single occupancy (of a twin room) with en-suite bathroom – £ 795

Twin occupancy (of a four bed room) with en-suite bathroom and two toilets – £ 595

Additional options

Small single occupancy rooms with en-suite at the back of the house with restricted views – £ 595 – Full

Lovely large four bed room with two en-suite shower/toilets (no bath) – £ 495 each (if booked as a group)

There may be sharing options depending on numbers, please ask. Payment by instalments is available.

Bookings and questions…

If you have any questions, or would like to book your place, please call Marion Young on 07949 095 107 or email .

Travelling to Buckland Hall

Buckland Hall is 6o miles (about 1hr 15 minutes’ drive) beyond Bristol, if traveling from London / Surrey. Overnight accommodation before and /or after the retreat is not available at the venue itself, but there is the opportunity to stay in the area in a bed & breakfast or using Airbnb.

Previous Silent Retreat participants have said…

“Thank you for a lovely weekend.”

David Wright

“It was very calming to have the time and space to go deep within and tap into my own inner wisdom.”

Christine Earles

“A wonderful opportunity to find stillness and restoration in a beautiful location.”


“The retreat went beyond my expectations of deep peace, relaxation and personal development, it was an opportunity to go deep within, to nourish the body and soul and rest the mind.”


“Perfect venue, loved the open fires and all the different spaces. Grounds were wonderful for walks, excellent food. Marion, Gillian and Martin were fantastic, so discreet and held the space beautifully.”

Louise Sheridan

“A profound simplicity of silence in a beautiful setting, it enabled a deeper awareness of my being.”


For more information, have a look at…

Frequently Asked Questions about the Buckland Hall silent retreat in Wales.

Guidelines we give to participants to help them make the most of the special time on one of our silent retreats.