Life Review and Vision Workbook


Life Review and Vision Workbook

The 36 page workbook comes with two audio guided meditations.
Listen to them online or download them as MP3 files for your own device.
The 36 page workbook, developed through ten years of running vision day retreats, together with the accompanying audio tracks, will guide you through all the steps you’ll need to create a powerful and inspiring vision for your life and the year ahead, including:

  • Looking back with gratitude and appreciation
  • Reviewing with the life balance wheel
  • Releasing and moving on
  • Clearing out on the physical, emotion, mental and spiritual levels
  • The importance of keeping conscious company
  • Discovering what makes your heart sing
  • Finding ‘The Void’ – the place of infinite possibility
  • Crafting your new vision
  • Conscious resting & opening to receive
  • How you want your life to be; creating a compelling vision in words and pictures
  • Honing your vision and creating a practical action plan
  • Making a commitment to yourself
“Marion’s ‘Life Review & Vision Workbook’ is different and special because it is a guide to identifying with what is at the core of your being, your ‘Soul’ as she calls it. The two audio recordings are an integral part of the workbook, providing instructions and meditations that enable you to find that quiet space to just be and allow whatever to arise. I’m quite astonished at what I find myself revealing to myself when I answer the questions posed in the workbook. And in doing so, my answers provide me with a clearer path towards what makes me happy and more fulfilled.”
Doris Sew Hoy- Executive & Leadership Coach

The Life Review and Vision Workbook and accompanying mp3 Audio Meditations
are available here for £20.

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‘Most of us go through life not knowing what our dream is or what our purpose is, because we’ve never made the time to ask ourselves. It’s important people take the time to identify what they love. If you don’t, you’re just a rudderless boat.’
Layne Beachley – 7 Times World Champion Surfer