"Thank you for a beautiful, inspiring and restorative online retreat. It was so nice to be in my own space."

A Half-day Online Silent Retreat

A deeply nourishing 2.5 hours of rest and reflection in the comfort of your own home

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What previous online retreat participants have said…

“I did not realise how nourishing, refreshing and healing the power of silence is. I will definitely be back to savour more!”

“Thank you so much. Your days are so rich, I knew I needed the silence, but goodness… that was powerful.”

“Profound, blissful and incredibly insightful. As the outer world dropped away, the inner world voice of stillness rang through. Deep, deep thanks.”

Silence and stillness are hugely undervalued in our busy and noisy world. Taking time out for reflection, time to be with ourselves, time to simply ‘be’ (rather than ‘do’) is important, perhaps even essential, not only for the individual but for society as a whole.

We are often too busy to stop and take stock; How we are spending our time? Do we need to be heading in a different direction? Our mind can be so busy that it obscures what’s really going on for us.

A quiet mind is rare and beautiful thing, and once experienced, even for a brief moment, a deep and pervading stillness and peace can begin to seep into your awareness.

But recharging the mind, body and spirit by ’being in silence’ can be challenging for many different reasons, especially if you’re not used to it, and it can be very helpful to have some guidance and support. In this way, even in a relatively short period of time, it is possible to experience a profound sense of inner peace for yourself.

This Mini Silent Retreat is a two and a half hour online retreat, where you will be gently guided into silence with meditative practices for an afternoon of relaxation and reflection in the comfort of your own home.

What previous online retreat participants have said…

“I can’t put into words how profound the experience feels for me. Like I’ve been cleansed and washed through from the inside out. I didn’t feel like this during the middle of the day, it was as if, just like you mentioned in your introductory notes, that silence helps us release and let go of old ‘stuff’. Once again, so powerful, thank you so much for creating these wonderful experiences for us.”

“A day retreat at home worked so well for me, and the stillness was so deep and all enveloping. It really helped to have a structure and focus for the day and I especially loved the Conscious Resting part knowing I still had the rest of the day to go. More please!”

How the retreat works

Choose a place in your home where you can retreat, and won’t be disturbed. Turn off your phone and let everyone know around you that you will be out of contact for two and half hours. Disconnecting from technology and other people in this way will help you open into a restful, still and meditative space.

  • We will meet on zoom in AUDIO only mode. By not using video, you can turn your attention inside without distractions.
  • After an introduction, we will start with ‘Conscious Resting’ – a guided meditation which will help you relax and soften into the silence.
  • This will be followed by time for reflection with a cup of tea and some suggested questions for self-enquiry (you will need a journal / paper and pen to record your thoughts).
  • This will be followed by another deep guided meditation, before drawing the session to a close.

Just two and half hours spent in silence in this way can help you unwind the mind, release stress from your body and create space for your Soul’s guidance to shine through. And although you will be in silence, I will be available online through the Zoom chat if you need some personal guidance.

Upcoming Dates and Cost

Next dates

  • To be confirmed


  • £27

About Marion

Marion specialises in creating safe and sacred spaces for inner reflection and connecting with your inner stillness.

Your Soul is always attempting to guide your life, but usually these inner promptings are quiet and subtle (although not always!). Often we are too busy to listen or respond to our own inner guidance. No one can know what is best for your Soul's evolution, nor can they think or feel for you. Unless you take some time to reflect and review your own life's journey, years can go by without being conscious of what you are doing or what you really need or want. By making space for your higher wisdom to shine through, you can gain a bigger perspective and make new and more empowering decisions. You come home to yourself.

Marion brings over three decades of experience as a therapist, mentor and stillness facilitator to every session and event, to help you connect with your own source of awareness, inner peace and clarity. She is a Brandon Bays Journey Therapist, NLP Practitioner, Meditation Teacher, Group Facilitator Trainer and Silent Retreat Leader.

Marion Young