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"I am simply in awe of the mentoring programme. It has exceeded my expectations in every way"

2019 Mentoring Programme Participant

Spiritual Mentoring Programme for Women – next dates to be confirmed.
Please let me know if you would like to to be kept up to date.

Feel Empowered, Motivated, Passionate, Inspired, Committed & Uplifted…

Let us let Grace guide our lives into new ways of being

With Marion Young and Jan Collis

Would you love to be part of a small group committed to living a life guided by Grace as we navigate these momentous times of change and transformation?

Do you want to feel supported, inspired and motivated to deepen your spiritual and manifestation practices, so you can stay strong and steady, anchored in your inner stillness?

We are going to be a group gathered in consciousness, empowered by our collective focus and intention. Suffused by stillness and the sacred, it is possible to experience transformational results.

The journey of faith and trust in Grace in the divine takes time, and this is why my longer mentoring programmes are so powerful.

We will be following the same format at the online 2021 programme, which has exceeded all our expectations in the way we have been able to connect and deepen together from wherever we live in the world.

“Thank you so much for our incredible journey together during this year long programme. Every time I settled into meditation and tuned into the Spirit and consciousness of our group I felt a huge supportive depth of stillness.

I am so grateful for this because I know that the many realisations I have experienced over the past year, which are informing and changing the way I live my life, have been facilitated by this stillness and consciousness.”

2019 Participant

Who is this programme for?

Are you ready to step up and bring your gifts and talents to the world in your own unique way?

Do you already have an established spiritual and self-enquiry practise, and are willing to take responsibility for your thoughts and actions?

This programme is about empowerment and bringing the best out in ourselves and each other in a supportive and encouraging environment. It is about commitment and discipline and honouring yourself and ‘Grace’.

When you commit in this way, something extraordinary happens. As the saying goes ‘When you take a step towards Grace, Grace takes a thousand steps towards you.”

I will bring my 30-plus years of experience of being a mentor, therapist and group facilitator to this programme, and we will be supported by my colleague Jan Collis. Together we will travel a new pathway into higher and brighter frequencies.

“I mostly want to acknowledge you and thank you for an extraordinarily powerful and life changing experience. I have been on a lot of programmes and nothing has had as much impact as this one.”

2014 Participant

“Marion holds a beautiful, sacred, soulful and deeply held space. Her structure, her rhythm and her Guidance at each step of the way, brings the Group deep into the transformative well of life. It is a highly supported, supportive and practical year.

There are so many things I love about working with Marion, the attention to detail, the love of beauty, the ruthless commitment to truth and the absolute luxury of just indulging in effortlessness. And she follows the call of the Group and shifts gears when needs to, this is an incredible gift that inspires and deeply holds a group. A truly memorable and life changing experience.”

2018/19/20 Participant

About Me

Marion Young Silent Retreat Team leader
2022 will be my 8th mentoring programme and I love them. I bring my 30-plus years’ experience as a therapist, meditation teacher and group facilitator, and I’m passionate about the benefits of silence and stillness, and of following the natural rhythms of rest and action.

As an Accredited Brandon Bays Journey Practitioner and the European Journey Assessor, an NLP Practitioner, Meditation Teacher and Group Facilitator Trainer, I facilitate spiritual mentoring programmes, workshops and I run an international private therapy practice, both in person and on line.

You can read my full bio here.

I am supported on this programme by Jan Collis.

Jan Collis

Jan Collis Silent Retreat facilitator
Jan is herself a mentor and therapist and has years of experience of supporting me and our participants on these mentoring programmes. Jan has a deep love and appreciation of stillness and silence, as well as extensive experience in supporting others to access this presence in themselves.

While raising three children and training as a massage therapist, Jan was continually seeking ways to clear old issues and limitations. This led her to Marion and the work of Brandon Bays ‘The Journey’, and in 2010 she completed her training as a Journey Practitioner and then as an NLP practitioner.

“I have loved the mentoring programme, thank you! You and Jan hold such a beautiful space, setting a Gold standard of how to run programmes.”
2021 Participant

“This programme has been life changing for me, enrolling was the best decision I have ever made. It was expertly structured to gently take you through a year of incredible spiritual and personal growth, self-discovery and constant realisations.

I know that what I learnt over the past year will continue to be invaluable to me in years to come. To say that your work has transformed my life would be an understatement.”
2015 Participant

“Signing up for your one-year mentoring course is probably the wisest thing I’ve done in my whole life.”
2019 Participant

How to Apply…

There are a maximum of 9 places on this programme.
The first step is to arrange an introductory call to discuss joining.

Please get in touch by email:

What participants have said about past mentoring programmes (both in-person and online)…

“I have never experienced anything as profound at this programme. And for those who have done the Journey Practitioner Programme, it is as life changing as discovering The Journey.

After a year with Marion I feel I know myself so much better on an emotional and spiritual level and am so much freer of ego and mind chatter. I have a real understanding of what I want to do with my life that will bring me complete fulfilment. I now have the tools to turn my calling into reality in a very realistic and practical way.”
2019 participant

“Marion is by your side throughout this programme, so you are never alone during these 12 months, and with her wealth of experience as a renowned practitioner, she dissolves all your fear until at the end of this time you emerge a totally different person.

For me personally, I was given back my true self. The one that was gifted, strong, confident, loving, and joyful, before life experiences made me wrongly believe that this part of me could be changed. I would encourage anyone who is drawn to this programme to listen to their inner wisdom and make a decision from that space. For me, this programme surpassed ALL expectations that I may have had.”
2019 participant

“If you are ready and willing to dive deep into the depths of your being to claim your divine feminine power and lead a life led by Grace then know that this is the course for you”
2014 participant

“This mentoring programme is truly life changing. Marion has put together a process that works beautifully. I have been looking for freedom for 30 years and this year has uncovered it. Not just me though, I see the others in the group finding their peace and taking action too.

Marion is a master at holding space gracefully, she seems to know what we each need at any time. She is generous too – it is quite humbling to be part of. Although it was difficult for me to find the investment, I am so, so glad I did. It has led me to finding my true self and that has no price. THANK YOU.”
2018 participant

“There is so much I want to say about the programme. Your incredible skills as a facilitator and the truly deeply honouring way in which you hold peace for people, and gently but firmly guide them through all that arises. The fun and joy radiating from your emails, and the little delight in zoom, and grace and daily incidents. The super advice and encouragement through the replies to the reviews.

Being honest, the amount of personal support, the depth of the course material and your huge huge commitment to us, to the programme and to Grace is staggering. The SMP is an incredibly abundant offering to us all.”
2018/19/20 participant

“I always feel very safe and supported in Marion’s groups. She is a wonderful person, and a very experienced and talented therapist who combines her passion for her work with love and laughter and compassion.”
2014 participant

“I just wanted to say how grateful I am after all your teaching and mentoring through the years, that have enabled me to come to a place of contentment and understanding that I had longer for.”
2014/15 participant

“The mentoring programme has changed my life, don’t ask me how it happened as it was so subtle I didn’t see it happen. I also have tools that I can use to continue my personal journey.”
2019 participant

“Thank you Marion – you did what you ‘said on the tin’. You helped me love my life.”
2016/17 participant

“I’ve loved my experience of the online Spiritual Development Programme. ! It was an amazing programme. Working with group consciousness has allowed the healing and release to go so much deeper.

I know that this is a real gift to myself and that I will still be reaping the rewards of this deep inner work for years to come. I’ve loved the consistency.

It just shows that it doesn’t take a huge amount of action, a small amount of action done consistently can reap fantastic rewards.

Oh and I’ve also loved the power of the group!!!”
2015/16 participant

“I am so grateful to Marion for this programme. I have felt held by her through the ups and downs of my life and through her found the deeper meaning to it all and have been able to clear the thoughts and beliefs that were holding me out of alignment with my truth.

I have loved a structure to my spiritual practice and the many different tools that have been offered. Marion is so creative and has so many skill and techniques that she brings to this course. Each module is freshly brought to life by her presence and sense of the now.”
2015/16 participant