Nowhere to turn? Try entering ‘The Silence’

by | Jun 2, 2019

Often, when we are feeling low, our first response is to reach out to someone in the hope that they will help us feel better. This could be a friend or a relative or a professional therapist like myself. Or we ‘do’ something instead; a little retail therapy or a trip to the gym, or we numb out in front of the TV and eat a whole packet of chocolate digestive biscuits. All of these activities have their advantages and disadvantages, but there comes a time when something more profound and radical is needed.

A good option is to do what I call ‘entering the silence’ . This is an invitation to ‘go it alone’ without any external comforts or reinsurance from an outside source. Silence has been known throughout the ages as ‘the language of the Gods’ and we have all heard the phrase ‘Silence is Golden’. This is because silence offers the highest vibrational frequency available to mankind, creating a pathway directly into the Source of your Soul.

You have to be ready to enter ‘the silence’, it is not an easy invitation to accept and will challenge you head on if this is not your usual path. In our world of constant noise and 24/7 instant communication, most people are used to living their lives second-hand through a digital screen of some kind, or at the very least they are wedded permanently to their mobile phone, intent on checking every text and answering every call as if their lives depended on it. The amount of information that is pouring into our minds in never ending streams is cluttering up our heads, completely obscuring the silent spaces that connect us to a deep well of inner peace and stillness, a place of such profound beauty and serenity that will if we let it, will take our breath away with its majesty and Grace.

If your daily life is one constant stream of noise, even if it’s your own thoughts, then silence can be scary. There is nowhere to hide, especially from yourself, and no one to turn to to make you feel better.

You are on your own. And yet you are not really. If you have the courage to stay in silence and let it carry you deep inside yourself, through the layers of your thoughts, through the clutter of your memories and your emotional debris, then something magical can begin to happen. It is like traveling deeper inside yourself, into the space beyond words, into the inner stillness that connects you to the your Source. I like to use the word Grace, or sometimes God. The vast, boundless, omnipresence of the infinite, the divine.

Here, you are no longer are alone, you are with God

Here, there is peace, rest, stillness

Here, there is illumination, enlightenment

Entering the Silence is a Journey and starts with a single step, it may take a while to travel through the layers of yourself before the sweetness of the silence finds you. It is an ever deepening process and demands surrender, it could take a few hours, or days or more, the longer you spend in uninterrupted periods of silence, the deeper and more powerful the experience becomes. Often, at the beginning, the noisier the head becomes. without the normal distractions, repressed thoughts and memories have space to rise to the surface to torment you. This is the challenge, and the test of your willingness to ride it out.

Original image by Dawid Zawila on Unsplash

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